Introducing the New Windworks App

Connect with Windworks from the palm of your hand

The Windworks app allows Windworks members to see the details of the fleet. From there, you can make a reservation OR create a Windshare!
The app is available for iPhone in the App Store and in the Google Play Store for Android.


How do I sign in to the app?

To create reservations or join a Windshare sailing, you must first sign in to the app. To sign in for the first time, simply use your email address and desired password. You will receive an email to validate your account. Once validated, you can create reservations and join Windshare sailings. If you are unable to sign in, contact Windworks to ensure that your email address is registered with the system.

What is Windshare?

Windshare allows members to create shared charters to save money and meet other Windworks members. When you create a Windshare reservation, other members can join in. The cost is split amongst all the members who join the sailing. This lets you get out on the water with a lower cost.

How do I create a Windshare reservation?

When reserving a boat within the app (available by viewing the details of a boat), simply select the Windshare option. You can then specify the minimum and a maximum number of participants as well as enter a description for others to read.

How do I see available Windshares or join one?

Windshare reservations are shown on the Windshare tab within the app. If you are interested in a sailing, tap the sailing to get details or join the sailing.

Who can create a Windshare reservation?

Any member who is certified to charter a Windworks boat can create a Windshare reservation. The same rules apply as for any charter. That is: Vessels 25′ and under require a Basic Keelboat certification at the minimum. All vessels over 25′ require a Basic Cruising certification for day sailing, and Bareboat Cruising certification if chartering for more than one day.

Who can create join a Windshare reservation?

Any member can join a Windshare sailing. Be sure to check the description for any details on the sailing.

I am participating in a Windshare sailing. How can I communicate with other members participating in the Windshare?

Once you’ve joined a sailing, you can exchange messages with other participants from the Windshare details page within the app.

How is this related to the old Windshare program?

We see this as an improvement over the old email-based Windshare program. Over time, the old Windshare system will be phased out.

How do I modify or cancel a reservation?

Contact Windworks to modify or cancel a reservation. The Windworks cancellation policy applies.

I have other questions or feedback about the app

The Windworks app is a brand new way for members to charter boats. This is just the beginning, and we welcome your questions and feedback and look forward to continuing to improve the app to better serve Windworks members. Please contact with any questions or to let us know what you think.