Shore School Seminars

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 Tuesdays Nights 6:30pm to 9:00pm


Classroom and/or Dockside

Are you ready to take your boating skills to the next level? The most asked-for advanced training topics are included in the series of evening courses taught by Margaret Pommert.
All Seminars are beginner friendly.  No prior experience necessary.



Intro to Racing Rules

February 6th – Classroom

Are you a newer sailboat racer, nervous about knowing what to do with so many boats so close to you? Perhaps you spent time crewing on a race boat, but haven’t gotten a chance to learn why the skipper/tactician are making certain decisions during the race? This evening’s chalk-talk is for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior experience, Margaret will focus on clarifying the basics.

Navionics on Your Tablet

February 13th – Classroom

Learn to use the popular Navionics Mobile Boating Navigation App. You will learn the basics of zooming, icons, adding and editing a route, settings for chart depth colors, accessing tide and current data, auto-routing and more. You’ll also learn some of the limitations of relying solely on your mobile device for navigation. To get the most out of this class, bring Navionics loaded on your own tablet (preferred) or smartphone for hands-on practice. (Download free trial version)

AIS & RADAR on Chartplotters
February 27th – Classroom/Dockside

RADAR has long been an important tool for navigation and collision avoidance. The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is now a common part of instrumentation on recreational vessels. The WWSC fleet has a variety of brand and models of chart-plotters with RADAR and/or AIS integrated into them. A basic understanding of the Navigation rules is helpful, but not essential.


Marine Diesel Engine 101

March 6th – Classroom

Learn the parts of a marine diesel engine, what they do, and identify the cause of some common problems. This course will help give you the confidence to help you decide if you are able to fix the problem or make the call to vessel assist. Don’t worry if you have no mechanical background or engine experience.

Knots and Line Handling

March 13th – Classroom/Dockside

Whether skipper or crew, there are essential knots and line handling skills that both sail and power boaters should know. This seminar will include practical skills for handling docking lines under pressure, as well as how to heave a line effectively.

Spinnaker 101

March 20th – Classroom/Dockside

Are you curious about spinnakers; those big, colorful sails you see on race boats and performance cruisers? This seminar will introduce both ‘traditional’ symmetrical spinnakers as well as modern asymmetrical spinnakers, and how and when they are used on boat race boats and cruising boats. It will include both dock-side demonstration and practice hoisting, jybing, and dousing a spinnaker, as well as a classroom chalk-talk around their use and pitfalls.


Emergency Prep for “First Mate”

March 27th – Classroom/Dockside

Are you an avid boater, but your spouse or partner… not so much? Are they apprehensive about being you falling overboard and not being able to get the boat back to you? Or call for help? Or being able to help out the skipper in case of an emergency? This class is for them. Boating is a relatively safe activity, and many apprehensions disappear with basic training.




Cruising the San Juans

April 10th – Classroom

Are you planning to cruise the San Juan Islands, either on a charter boat or your own recreational sail or power boat? Discover popular destinations and hidden gems, as well as hazards to avoid. Do you want to enjoy Friday Harbor, Rosario, and Roche Harbor? Or do you dream of anchoring in quiet natural beauty? Whatever your dream cruise is, instructor Margaret Pommert will show you the best resources to use to plan your cruise, and help you leave with a draft of the perfect week for you and your family/friends.







Meet Instructor Margaret Pommert

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Licenses: USCG 50 Ton Masters

US Sailing Certifications: BK, BC, BBC, CN, BPC

Performance Sailing, Inshore Powerboat Cruising, Night sailing