Powerboating Lessons

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Basic Powerboat Cruising is comprised of two, 8-hour sessions and must be taken in order. This class includes the vessel, instructor, texts, materials, testing, and US POWERBOATING certification. Live-aboard accommodations can be made for those traveling to Windworks from outlying areas to better accommodate weekend classes or charters. Powerboat Conversion is for students with prior sailing experience (BBC required) and aims to convert sailing skills into powerboating skills.

Basic Powerboat Cruising

Basic Powerboat Cruising is a US Powerboating certification course for beginners. This course is taught on our 31′ Camano Trawler. You will learn how to safely and responsibly operate a powered cruising vessel during daylight hours.


Basic Powerboat Cruising 1/2

Learn about safety, navigation, maneuvering, anchoring, docking, how to pilot a powerboat, anchor and manage a crew. Certifies student to operate powered cruising vessels, and meet state boating safety requirements.

*After signing up for BPC1, don’t forget to sign up for BPC2 below.
Prerequisite: None
Class code: BPC1

Basic Powerboat Cruising 2

Prerequisite: Basic Powerboat Cruising 1
Class code: BPC2

Powerboat Conversion

Powerboat Conversion allows Bareboat Certified sailors to learn to operate our 31′ Camano Trawler. This course is designed to build on your sailing knowledge and apply it to the operation of a powered cruising vessel.


Powerboat Conversion

Learn to operate a powered cruising vessel in addition to your sailing knowledge. This course allows you to charter a powerboat in the Windworks fleet, and gives you the capabilities to use that experience worldwide.
Prerequisite: Bareboat Cruising
Class code: PBC