Lessons FAQ

Lessons – Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose Windworks for sailing lessons?

Windworks is proud to offer premier sailing lessons through US Sailing and US Powerboating! We want our students to obtain the most thorough instruction, which will set them up for a lifetime of boating. The advantage of lessons through Windworks includes smaller class sizes, more hours on the water, and scheduling flexibility.

How long are the courses?

Our core courses – Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising are available year-round. They both consist of 24 hours of instruction, broken into 3 parts. These courses are offered on weekends and weekdays, making it easy for students to pick dates that work for their schedule. Bareboat Cruising is offered in one weekend; starting Friday evening, and returning to the marina Sunday afternoon. Other courses vary depending on the subject.

Why should I become certified?

US Sailing certification is proof of your achievement and your passport to chartering boats locally or worldwide. Our Basic Keelboat course includes a one-year membership to US Sailing and a logbook in which you keep your certifications and log your sailing time. You can show this logbook to charter companies as evidence of your certification level and sailing experience.

I have some sailing experience, do I need to start from the beginning?

We can easily accommodate experienced sailors who are looking to gain US Sailing certification.  At your request, our Director of Sailing will contact you to evaluate your current sailing skills. This will help determine if you can “challenge” a certification level by taking the practical test at that level. When you pass the practical test and relevant written tests, you can receive US Sailing certification at that level.

I’m interested in sailing lessons but I’ve never sailed. Is there a way I can try it out first and see what it’s like?

Yes! Windworks offers an Intro to Sailing course, a great way to see if the sport of sailing is for you! The Intro Sail is an affordable, hands-on, two-hour sail with an instructor and a maximum of five other participants. During the Intro To Sail you can get as involved as you want and ask questions of one of our qualified instructors to help you determine if sailing lessons are for you. We offer the Intro to Sailing course on the first Friday of every month! Loved the opportunity, and want to become a Windworks member? Your Intro To Sail payment can be applied to your club initiation fee!

When is the best time of year to learn to sail?

One of the many advantages of sailing in the Puget Sound is that you can sail year round. Windworks offers classes, charters and clinics continuously throughout the year, so you can start your lessons at any time. Each season has it’s own unique qualities that lend to the learning experience. Our advice is that you find a time in your schedule that works best for your life and do it then!