Basic Electrical

The intention of this class is to give the student a basic understanding of electricity that can be deepened and expanded upon by further classes and real-world experience. It is not intended to provide a rigorous detailed understanding of electricity; thus, it will rely on metaphors drawn from common experience to explain a very simple and at the same time complex phenomenon. The student will be encouraged to delve deeper into the technical details as their interests evolve.
The arc of the class will evolve from basic concepts, into simple electrical concepts, into systems, into complexity, and finally how to deal with electricity in the real world.
Basic concepts: Review of things new or forgotten.
Simple electrical concepts: What is voltage, current, power.
Circuits: Loops and bubbles.
Systems: How loops and bubbles interact.

Complexity: Evolution quickly into complex systems.
Strategies: How to deal with the complexity. Tools, Electrical codes, Experience.
The goal is for the participants leave with enough knowledge to not be completely intimdated by electrical projects and problems and at the same time be aware of the limits of their knowledge. It is also intended to give the participant enough background to enhance their ability to benefit from further studies and real-world experiences.
The class will last about two hours. Questions and discussion will be encouraged while recognizing the limitations due to time constraints.

This clinic will be taught by Norm.

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