If you are headed for lunch in Poulsbo, a quiet on-board dinner at Blake Island or an overnight in Port Townsend, all these experiences depend on your ability to confidently anchor your boat.

Chartering in a remote location in Tahiti or Thailand, anchoring skills will be your best friend. Access locations and enjoy your surroundings in ways many other sailors cannot.

Join our US Sailing Instructors to understand the differences between using one anchor off the bow, anchoring bow and stern, or using two anchors off the bow. Understand how to deploy the right anchor and rode in changing conditions. Learn how to set the hook so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Prerequisite: Basic Cruising


  • Choosing an anchorage

  • Different types of anchors, rodes and bottom conditions

  • Which type of anchor arrangement is best for your conditions

  • Using a windlass safely and effectively

  • Using crew communication to maximum effect when anchoring